Rakuten Point - Terms of Use

Effective date: January 1st, 2023

Please read the following carefully. The terms below explain the conditions applied for any Rakuten Point® (hereinafter referred to as a “Point” and in plural as “Points” or “Rakuten Points”), part of the customer loyalty scheme administered by Rakuten Europe. You expressly acknowledge and agree that you understand these Terms of Use before using Points.

Who is providing Rakuten Points?

These Terms of Use are issued by Rakuten Europe S.à r.l. ("Rakuten"), registered under number B136664 at the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register, with the VAT number LU22375408. You can contact Rakuten at: Address: 2 Rue du Fossé, Luxembourg, L-1536, LUXEMBOURG.

Terms and conditions

Points are available for Rakuten Group customers (“Users”) using any service operated by the Rakuten Group in Europe allowing the collection or use of Points in Europe, or any third-party site in Europe allowing the collection of Points, that you may be notified about from time to time, (together the “Services”). Users will be able to earn Points on certain transactions conducted through the Services, such as purchases or other forms of customer engagement, and any other transactions as may be determined by each of the Services. The number of Points a User will earn will be specified in more detail in the relevant terms and conditions on each of the Services. If a User (where applicable):
  • cancels his/her purchase;
  • returns his/her purchase,
any Points granted which are associated with that purchase will also be cancelled. Users may be able to redeem Points either (i) against transactions made on any of the Services which offer the redemption of Points against transactions; or (ii) by exchanging for vouchers or gift cards, subject to applicable terms and conditions.
Should You decide to redeem Points against a purchase on one of the Services, Rakuten will deduct from your Point balance any amount which you decide to redeem against a purchase. If you redeem Points against a purchase and later cancel or return the purchase, the redeemed Points will be added back to your Point balance within 30 days; however, if you are not permitted to cancel or redeem your purchase then your Points will be lost.
The rules governing the usage of, or the redemption of Points against purchases or transactions made on any of the Services, will be specified in more detail in the terms and conditions on each of the Services. Subject to the minimum redemption amount, and where made available by the Services, Points may also be exchanged to other Rakuten Group services vouchers, such as for Rakuten TV, Rakuten Kobo or to Viber Out credit through the Rakuten cashback sites in UK, Spain and Germany. Points have no monetary value and cannot be assigned, transferred or redeemed in exchange for cash. Points will expire one (1) year from the date they were issued to the User. For certain campaigns, Points which expire less than one (1) year from the date they were issued may be provided. The special rules regarding such Points will be presented together with the conditions of the campaign on the relevant Service. In any case, Points will expire if the User closes his/her account with a Service for any reason. In the event that Rakuten processes a User’s personal data, it shall do so strictly in accordance with the Privacy Policy listed on the relevant Service. Rakuten shall use reasonable skill and due care in providing Points to you and strives to ensure that the information is accurate. Rakuten will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified. Beyond that, Rakuten does not provide any guarantee or warranty, express or implied, about Points. Rakuten reserves the right to modify and/or terminate the Points Terms of Use, at its sole discretion.

Governing law and dispute settlement

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with your use of Points shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, save and unless your local mandatory consumer law provides you with different rights. Any dispute between us is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Luxembourg.

Contact information

If you have any issues or queries regarding Points, please contact the relevant Service in the first instance.